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Liga MX General Schedule: Clausura 2022, Round 17

Liga MX General Schedule: Clausura 2022, Round 17

The normal phase of Clausura 2022 from MX . League We have come to an end and we have the final residence from the general classification. Pachuca stayed in the first place despite his defeat on the last date. for this part, USA He managed to break into the top four after becoming a general for a few dates in the first half of the semester. Equipment such as: Chivas, Monterrey, Cruz Azul and Pumas managed to stay in the playoffs. On the other hand, Bravos de Juarez took the last place. Check here the stats and the complete overall schedule for the Grita México 2022.

Clausura General Schedule 2022 Round 17


Since this last date began, Pachuca already knew that he would take first place in the general classification. However, after their loss to Pumas, Tuzos was left with 38 points, so they were unable to overcome the 40-unit barrier. After Hidalguenses we have Tigres with 33 points, followed by Atlas with 27. America completed the top four with 26 points. Azulcrimas was almost at the bottom for the entire first half of the competition, But their good finish allowed them to reach the quarter-finals of this competition directly.

At the top of the qualifying zone, we have Puebla, Chivas and Monterrey With the same 26 points as the Eagles, but with a smaller goal difference. Eighth place corresponds to Cruz Azul with 25 points. These will be the four teams that will play in the home qualifiers. Under them, we have Atlético San Luis, Pumas and Mazatlan FCwho have completed the Top 12 list and who will be in the re-ranking.

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For the elimination zone, we have Toluca with the same 21 points as Mazatlan, but the target difference is less. Santos Laguna reached 20 points but they didn’t help him to be in the final stage. Leaving Toluca with 19 points after a draw in their last game. Clos Blancos of Queretaro and Solos of Tijuana left 17 points. Finally, Bravos de Juarez took the last place with only 11 points.