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Hugo Sanchez, Mexican idol only when it suits him or when he remembers

Hugo Sanchez, Mexican idol only when it suits him or when he remembers

Hugo Sanchez as a spectator of a match between Betis and Atlético Madrid in March 2022 (David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images)

Novels Televisa In the late nineties, when he played the role of Mexican national teamThey have a very strange cry every time there is a tricolor target. It was about Hugo Sanchez who, in his first role as an analyst, was hoarse with every Mexican caption. There seems to be no one more patriotic in the whole country than that man who shouted the goals even before they fell. And of course: if girlThe best Mexican player ever.

“If they call me and tell me they took her out (Gerardo Martino). If they take it seriously, I will take the Mexican national team for 45 days in the World Cup.” Hugo Sanchez said on Football Picante. In fact, the World Cup could be a day away and Hugo Sanchez would keep saying it: From time to time he reminds himself that if they let him work (his process should have lasted 12 years, he says), Mexico would have made it to the World Championships.

The irony is that Hugo Sanchez always thought he could do it World Champion for Mexico As a coach, but he did not hesitate to say it as a playerIf I had played with another team, I would have achieved the same thing. (Accepting that as a player he couldn’t.) The illogical assumption could not help but elicit laughter: if he became a world star at Real Madrid, then Hugo would not be able to do anything with the national team, Why would he achieve it as a coach, if he has been inactive for ten years, living from a championship twice in 2004, and has added more failures than successes?

During his time with the Mexican national team, Hugo Sanchez could not boast of third place in the 2007 Copa America. And he does not miss an opportunity to remember it. According to him, this was evidence that Mexico was behind only Brazil and Argentina – although a month ago they lost to the United States in the Gold Cup -. He also did not forget the win (6-0) that his team gave Paraguay in the quarter-finals, mainly because Gerardo Martino was the coach of the Guarani team. Hugo’s conclusion is simple: if he beat Martino fifteen years ago, he’s a better technical director than him and deserves a chance at Tri to the word now.

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In his repeated calculations, girl He justifies his failure at pre-Olympic Carson by saying he shouldn’t have been in charge of that team. What every leader should do, go: Take responsibility and blame the player for mistakes. Because, well, Hugo wasn’t so lucky in the U-23 tournament, but he didn’t do much in Almería or Pachuca, even though the latter team put together a luxury squad. That was ten years ago. Since then, Hugo Sanchez has not appeared again on the Mexican bench. In the first place, he devoted himself to being a technical director on television: there he always knew what all coaches should do, as well as players, because no one can achieve the wisdom that overflows with him.

Hugo S & # xe1;  nchez celebrates the title with Pumas fans.  (Francisco Estrada/Jam Media/Getty Images)

Hugo Sanchez celebrates the title with Pumas fans. (Francisco Estrada/Jam Media/Getty Images)

In fact, Hugo Sanchez’s experiences suffer from selective memory. Forget that Martino then led a 6-0 powerful project that culminated in Paraguay’s fifth match at South Africa 2010. Previously, it was a file the one with white hair I qualified for third place in South America, near Brazil and above Argentina. And while Hugo Sanchez was fighting with Faitelson, he was My Father He was a hero with Newell’s, chosen by Barcelona and the national team for his country. The title he won in the MLS with Atalanta could be denied, but it’s still an infinite advantage when compared to Florentino Perez’s begging on TV for a chance to lead Real Madrid – Florentino won’t even find out.

This is the world that Hugo Sanchez built for himself. And who knows, after many tests, it may be worth giving him a twelve-year operation. Thus, at the 2038 World Cup, Mexico will finally be able to be champion. And if he doesn’t, we’ll at least provoke the entire planet with Hugo’s spirited cries. He would be able to say the usual thing: If he had managed another national team for twelve years, he would have been world champion.

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