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Libra, horoscope for April 25, 2023: Get in touch with your inner design

Your horoscope, Libra, tells us that the new ideas and times that those ideas promote will flow strongly into your family life through Pluto in your fourth house, so it’s a good idea to adjust and connect with what’s new and transformative. In your life.

Today’s forecast

You have the possibility of making very good decisions and contributions with which you can awaken new opportunities in your career if you put aside this tendency in your attitude towards the negative and harmful.


You will greatly enrich your soul if you connect with those feelings you love from a more mature and focused perspective that allows you to embody many of the ideas and concepts you want to work on at scale.


You can gradually improve your health by improving the connection to your emotions and their quality, because with Neptune in your home of health, if you take care of the inside of your home, your emotions will be able to take care of yourself.


You will practice very good ideas that will help you to be able to communicate with your work team from an emotional point of view and thus be able to maintain a very peaceful environment within your work environment. This is from the hand of Neptune from your house 6.

couple expectation

You have a lot of drive, passion, and delivery with your partner and you will contribute a lot to the love you profess for that special someone of yours through the energy that the Sun and Jupiter give you.
From the couple’s home to fuel the flame of passion in your life today.

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You can be very aware of those issues where your clients usually have struggles or problems in their lives and from that provide solutions that you can monetize, which is why Scorpio’s ability on an intuitive and emotional level is yours from home 2.


Love: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Friendship: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Work: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
Sexual energy: regular

Tip of the Day

Mars and the Moon, from your ninth house, will allow you to go deep into yourself and discover those areas where there is discomfort and anger, and with this you can multiply and advance in very positive ways within yourself and thus improve your life in the year.