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LCDLF2: Laura Pozzo receives Zarbouni's disdain at home |  video

LCDLF2: Laura Pozzo receives Zarbouni’s disdain at home | video

Another week of controversy inside Celebrity House 2 Where statements and discussions between members that are still in competition are the order of the day and if we add to that there are very strong personalities who don’t want to go unnoticed, it gets better.

This is the situation Salvador Zerboni and Laura Pozowho days ago had a vigorous debate in the kitchen, after the former had taken up the washing of dishes used by the celebs, but Laura came close, and then, Zarboni made meticulous comments about the work the Peruvian was doing inside the house and that’s where the dimes and shields began.

As you can see in the video that is being broadcast through it social networksThe TV actor was washing dishes and at that moment he approached Lura To tell him it was an unusual thing, because he was regularly performing these tasks and no one appreciated him.

Zarbouni He replied in an annoyed tone that if Laura deserved not to recommend her to wash the dishes, he would immediately turn his back on her and let her talk to herself.

reaction Nationalized Mexican Lawyer He didn’t wait and rudely and screaming tried to get his attention Zarbouni The claim that it was not only her intention to wash her belongings so that they would not call her, but on the contrary she was doing it for a long time because others did not like to do this work.

What caught the eye Watching the audience who follows the fact TelemundoLaura had gone to complain to Salvador to wash her a cup, but in the end, one of them didn’t, one because he was so upset and the other simply went to blame him for not doing it regularly and the poor cup, there it remained without being washed.

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Among social network users, this attitude reflects only for both Pressure and a little empathy which house members are already feeling, especially after several weeks of competition in which intrigue and rumors between small groups determine what will be the end of the reality show and where both Laura like Zarbouni especially Yvonne Montero The potential winners for this season have been determined.

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