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Paola Rojas steals sighs and imposes fashion with this chic pink outfit that highlights her personality: PHOTOS

Paola Rojas steals sighs and imposes fashion with this chic pink outfit that highlights her personality: PHOTOS

Paula Rojas She grabbed attention on social networks in the last hours because she provided a new example of her sophisticated sense of fashion and in turn showed why she is considered the most beautiful host ever on Mexican TV because it turns out that She wasted beauty and elegance with a sophisticated pink outfit that allowed her to accentuate her flowery figure.

After spending a weekend in the Mexican Caribbean, Paula Rojas is back in Mexico City with a renewed spirit To return to their daily activities and while they are participating in their newsletter “Al-Ayr”, The host of “Netas Divinas” was also surprised by wearing a sophisticated costume Which perfectly explains why it is considered the standard of today’s fashion.

Paola Rojas has given a new example of her sophisticated style. Photo: IG: paolarojas

The outfit mentioned in the question Paula Rojas It was advanced fuchsia color palette Consisting of High-waisted pants that were too baggy toowhile at the top, the announcer also used a file long-sleeved shirt, But the torso was very short and in the front it only had a button and two straps to make a wrist, so A certain part of the journalist’s stomach was exposed.

It is worth noting that Paula Rojas used the neck of the aforementioned dress completely open so that the elegant necklace she used could be better appreciated. To complete the outfit, ex-wife Luis Roberto Alves “Zag” wore a pair of high-quality, skin-tone, strappy sneakers that went mid-calf.

At the end of his newsletter, Paula Rojas He took the time to thank his followers for letting them know that they watched his show and continued publishing it She added two photos where she showed off the amazing outfit that made her look even more beautiful than usual.

Paula Rojas has received dozens of praises for her exceptional beauty. Photo: IG: paolarojas

Spread Paula Rojas It did not go unnoticed by netizens and In a few minutes he managed to collect about 200,000 likes, In addition, the compliments were instant and could be counted in the dozens.

“What a beautiful woman!” , “You are beautiful”, “Always very elegant”, “The most beautiful every day”, “Goddess” and “The most beautiful of all” Some of the compliments were to be read in the comment box of Paola Rojas’ post, who confirmed just a few days ago Give yourself a new chance in love With architect and businessman Marcelo Emposti.

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