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La Nación/Cones certifies “very serious reasons” for closing medical professions at a private university

La Nación/Cones certifies “very serious reasons” for closing medical professions at a private university

The President of the National Council of Higher Education (Cones), Narciso Velasquez, on Sunday endorsed the decision to close medical professions at Maria Serrana Private University to find serious irregularities in the training of students. He stressed that the issue of forgery of signatures is within the jurisdiction of the Public Prosecution.

The head of the entity explained in an interview with Trece Channel: “The Cones closed the two medical professions that were operating in Asunción and also in Ciudad del Este due to very serious reasons for the irregularities found in the process of training students.” .

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Another irregularity, he argued, was that in the case of some medical students who supposedly completed their studies at the University of Maria Serrana and were requesting to have their titles registered without meeting the required requirements, that Cones made the decision to close the professions. .

Velasquez noted that the students affected by the closure of the races are attended by the cones, the number of 1091 students registered as of last Friday on the podium, which enabled them to search for a solution to the problem through the process of re-attachment to other universities in the event of compliance with it. Required requirements.

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“For Cones, what really matters is the educational process, and our research is essential in the academic field. When the academic is not reassured, Cones steps in directly because that is what matters. Everything about forgery of signatures corresponds to the ordinary judiciary, that is, within the scope of the prosecutor’s office.” The mainstay of the intervention, he added, was the academic problem.

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The medical professions of the private Maria Serrana University at the central headquarters of Asuncion and its branch in Ciudad del Este have been closed by order of the National Council for Higher Education (CONES). The Superintendent of Health, Ignacio Mendoza, is the rector of the said university, and the Paraguayan Physicians Department is calling for his resignation due to alleged irregularities in the delivery of titles.

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