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La Jornada Maya - UADY offers specialist sports medicine consultations

La Jornada Maya – UADY offers specialist sports medicine consultations

With more than 25 years, the University Unit of Sports Medicine of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY) has been serving the community at large, providing real learning scenarios and research opportunities for students, all under strict professional supervision.

One of the services she provides is medical and sports care, the unit’s outpatient physician, Maria Fernanda Anaya Nava, reports through consultations with specialists who make recommendations to prevent injuries during training.

They perform sports medical evaluations focused on the osteoarticular system, treat injuries, and prescribe guidelines for physical therapy and sports rehabilitation.

In addition, people who come will be able to find a sports physiotherapy service, which aims at the functional recovery of the injured athlete through a comprehensive treatment plan adapted to the discipline of the practitioner, allowing for a quick and safe return.

Photo: UADY

In sports medical care, athletic rehabilitation is also available, which seeks the evaluation and comprehensive recovery of sports injuries until a safe return to activity, with the pre-session level.

Anaya Nava added that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Morphofunctional Functional Assessment Laboratory area only provides a sports cardiology service, which detects in a timely manner data indicating cardiovascular risk or the presence of a disease that prevents physical exercise.

He explained that all these services can be accessed by appointment by calling the number 05-24-9999 ext 36144 or on the page www.medicina.uady.mx, in the FMED Appointment Request section.

It should be noted that consultations are carried out according to strict health protocols, and their cost is 250 pesos, while follow-up and physiotherapy are 165 pesos.

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For more information on these services and content related to sports medicine, the UADYFmed School of Medicine Facebook page is available.

Edition: Estefanía Cardeña