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La Esperanza, Intipoca dawn covered with ice: photos

La Esperanza, Intipoca dawn covered with ice: photos

In some places in La Esperanza the temperature reaches -1 ° C. Residents say that night is the coolest time

La Esperanza residents confirmed that cars and lawns in La Esperanza, Intipucca, woke up covered in ice.

According to the weather forecast for Friday, it will be -1 degrees.

One of the cars that woke up was covered in a layer of ice.

In a video clip spread on social media, it was observed that the fields were covered in ice.

“This is a dog” is heard in a story from a man named Jose Gomez.

“At night from 8:00 p.m. it gets colder,” another neighbor said on social media.

The forecast for the entire country this Friday is as follows: San Pedro Sula 16 degrees, La Ceiba 16, Tocoa 17, Santa Barbara 15, Santa Rosa de Copan 9, La Esperanza 1, Marcala 9, Juticalpa 13, Catacamas 16, Comayagua 13. and Tegucigalpa 10. Danley 13 and San Marcos de Colon 14.

In addition, Choluteca 19 degrees, Nacomi 19 and Euro 11.

02/23/202408:32 h. / Writing on the Internet

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