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So you can vote in La Casa de los Famosos 4: Week 5 Nominees |  the answers

So you can vote in La Casa de los Famosos 4: Week 5 Nominees | the answers

How to vote inThe famous house” from Mexico? Telemundo Released a new edition of Celebrity House last Tuesday, January 23Which brings us great surprises and many new things. he Reality show This has become a sensation coming back to the screens 23 famous who will coexist for several weeks until a winner is chosen. In this fourth season we will see characters like Gregorio Pernia, Guti Carrera, Alfredo Adamamong others, which is part of the Mexican television program.

For this new season of The famous housewill be responsible for driving Jimena Gallego, accompanied by Nacho Lozano, Which goes back to Telemundo. After that, we will solve all your doubts about voting Celebrity House 2024.

Who are the candidates for the fifth week?

  • Carlos
  • Romans
  • Sufi
  • Ariadne
  • Christina
  • Clovis

How do you vote in the Celebrity Council?

How to vote in “House of Celebrity” It is one of the parts of a reality show where the viewer has the ability to decide which participant continues in the show. Next, we tell you the steps to follow:

  • The first thing you should do is log in
  • It is important to remember that the optionHow to vote“Only available to Mexico.
  • In order for your vote to be effective, you must click on the voting section on the page.
  • Locate and select your favorite participant you want to vote for.

Then you must press “”Send voteThe general public is only allowed to vote once. However, for those who are subscribers to… fix premium, They have the ability to vote up to 10 times for their favorite participant.

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We tell you how you should carry out this operation:

  • Repeat the above steps.
  • After voting you have to find and press the “Continue Vote” button.
  • Log in with your ViX Premium account and password
  • Vote for the selected participant until you complete 10 votes
  • Your ten votes must be used in the same session

Who is part of the new season of the famous Mexican house?

Next, we introduce you to the celebrities who will be speaking during their time together at Season 4 of La Casa de los Famosos:

  • Lupillo Rivera
  • Thali Garcia
  • Gregorio Pernia
  • Maribelli Rivera
  • Pedro Figuera, “La Divasa”
  • Jose Reyes, “molasses”
  • Alana Litras
  • Fernando Lozada
  • Ariadna Gutierrez
  • Clovis Nino
  • Sophie Doran
  • Carlos Gomez, “The Valley”
  • Daniela Alexis for the movie “La Pepecheta”
  • Mariana Gonzalez
  • Silvia del Valle for the movie “La Bronca”
  • Alfredo Adami
  • Gotti Carrera
  • Rodrigo Rome
  • Leslie Gallardo
  • Ruby Mora
  • Christina Porta

When and where can you see Mexico's famous house?

following The famous house You should know that the new season starts with this Tuesday, January 23 starting at 6:00 PM (Mexico City time) and 7:00 PM (Peru time) and eastern United States). The Mexican reality show can be watched through the television signal. Telemundo From Monday to Friday and Sundays, which are considered festive days. You can also watch the various episodes on the official platform of the TV program.

What is the famous house of Mexico?

La Casa de los Famosos México The film revolves around a group of characters locked in a house, without the possibility of communicating with the outside world, so they must live with each other. This way, there will be a lot of arguments and romances, and sometimes they will dare to narrate their private lives. It is important to note that its great popularity is due to TikTok, as most news is usually shared through this social network.

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Nicola Porcella and Wendy Guevara: the couple from “La Casa de los Famosos” who are causing a sensation on social networks