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La Casa de los Famosos 4 LIVE: Debs saved Alana from elimination

La Casa de los Famosos 4 LIVE: Debs saved Alana from elimination

Lobelo and Romé argue

Lobello was upset with Romé for not complying with the agreement they had made, as he found Romé having dinner with Ariadna.

After Lobelo discovered what had happened, when Romeh tried to talk to him to clarify the situation, the two began arguing about the confusion over what they had agreed upon.

Molasses saves Alana from elimination

Milaza decides to save Alana and declares that she is someone he appreciates a lot, as well as highlighting that she is very good in the kitchen.

Maribelli confirms that Fourth Earth is betraying Lobelo

Maribelli Rivera emphasized that betrayal and lies are something that always comes to light, so one of the things she revealed is that Lupillo Rivera He was betrayed by the Fourth Earth.

“Fourth Earth, they are betraying Lobello, this lady here that is Ariadna always lies to her and believes her,” Maribelli explained.

What happened last night at “La Casa de los Famosos 4”? The 24/7 broadcast is causing controversy on the networks

in The famous house 4emanating from TelemundoStability is never a guarantee. Team Earth, one of the strongest groups in the competition, witnessed events this weekend that indicate the possibility of an imminent dissolution of their alliance.

When the speculation began Lupillo Rivera And Diva They chose not to spend the night in their usual room, which sparked reactions on social media. Their absence from their room led many to believe that there were differences between them that needed to be resolved.

In addition, rumors are circulating that the YouTuber originally from Venezuela and the Mexican artist decided to change rooms due to… Maribelli Rivera. The latter recently dissolved its alliance with Rivera and La Divasa, and since then some friction has been observed between them within the program.

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La Divasa nominated Alana and Alfredo

Sunday positioning

the Ceremony positioning It will leave new battles, problems and face-to-face confrontations between its inhabitants The famous house 4There are many of the educational ones that are used to use the format for this alone and that the Mexico version has been preparating the menciones that live in the country, because the habitantes bus can generate a similar effect between the Hispanic televisions that reside in the United States. United.

This week's nominees are:

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