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Kyiv confirms the sinking of another Russian warship

Kyiv confirms the sinking of another Russian warship

Kyiv – salads Ukraine Today I reported the sinking of an amphibious ship Russian Off the coast of Odessa in the south and the shooting of an enemy missile in the Poltaba region in the east of the country.

Sources from the authorities in the Odessa region stated that the Ukrainian forces, along with the Russian ship, managed to shoot down a Russian unmanned reconnaissance plane in the same area of ​​the Black Sea.

Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defense was also able to shoot down a missile in Poltaba, where Russian attacks last month destroyed a refinery in the same area, the Ukrinform portal reports.

This morning the Ukrainian General Staff reported the outbreak of heavy fighting in different parts of Donbass, although, according to that source, eight attacks were repulsed in Donetsk and Lugansk, the two breakaway regions in the east of the country.

Kyiv also reported that the Russian blockade of Azovstal’s steel mills continues, as Ukrainian forces are resisting from Mariupol and where Russia supposedly wants to organize a parade on May 9, the day of victory over Nazi Germany.

Yesterday, another 50 civilians were evacuated from Maripol. Two days ago, Ukrainian sources confirmed that the first Russian forces had already entered the industrial complex, where it is assumed that several hundred civilians and an unspecified number of Ukrainian soldiers are still refugees.

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