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AMLO.  Relations between Mexico and Honduras will continue to twinning

AMLO. Relations between Mexico and Honduras will continue to twinning

The President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Ensure that relations between governments Mexico s Honduras They will continue to twin.

Before leaving for Belize, the fourth country he has visited on his international tour Central America and the CaribbeanIn an interview with the media in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the Mexican president highlighted his affection for the people of Honduras and reiterated his support for that country’s president, Xiomara Castro.

“She’s doing very well, they have a very good president, Xiomara Castro is a woman who has principles and ideals, she has a lot to come, and a good future for the people of Honduras, and that’s what I can tell you, we leave very happy, very tasteful.”

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President Lopez Obrador said his Honduran counterpart does not need advice or recommendations to approve his electricity reform initiative.

“Nothing, nothing,” he said. “She is a woman with a lot of combat experience and the most important thing is that there is no divorce with the people, because President Juarez said: With the people everything is, without the people nothing.” Farewell to the media.


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