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Junior Lyell’s hearing was suspended because of his lawyer’s hospitalization: the prosecution did not believe him and asked the forensic medicine office to visit him

Junior Lyell’s hearing was suspended because of his lawyer’s hospitalization: the prosecution did not believe him and asked the forensic medicine office to visit him

After his brother and mother were killed, Junior spent the afternoon with his former partner. Photo: Junior Lil Hairstyling

Once again, the oral trial hearing scheduled for Wednesday morning, July 5, against Junier Leal, who is accused of killing his brother, the famous Colombian designer Mauricio Leal, and his mother, Marlene Hernandez, has been postponed.

Although the defendant appeared in person in the office of Judge 55 in Bogotá, after the parties’ private presentations were made, Togada stated that The defendant’s defense was not on the premises.

As mentioned, Attorney Ana Julieth Velazquez He sent an email to the office around 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday, informing him of his absence from the call due to medical issues.

“Greetings, Honorable Lady Justice. I send to your office a Certificate of Hospitalization issued by the Cobus Clinic, noting the fact that since dawn I have been under observation for some health condition. The foregoing makes it impossible for me to attend the procedures which were scheduled for the day,” he read. The judge during the session.

The news did not sit well with the public prosecutor in charge, Mario Burgos, who asked the judge to immediately check the health status of the defender.because it is a possible delay in the case against Lyell.

“The position taken by the lawyer representing the interests of the defense of Mr. Junier Rodolfo Leal Hernandez is astonishing. It is necessary to monitor all the efforts of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the appearance of each and every one of the witnesses,” said the prosecutor.

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Likewise, the indictment asked Judge 55 to allow him to send a team of legal medicine to the Los Cobos clinic to investigate the specialist who treated and admitted Ana Julith Velazquez’s hospitalization: “I will ask permission from his office to be a physician attached to the Institute of Forensic Medicine transfer to the Los Cobos clinic.

The news was not good with the prosecutor in charge, Mario Burgos, who asked the judge to immediately verify the defender’s health, as that was a potential delay in the case against Lille. | Image: Screenshot of the virtual audience

The attorney general’s delegate cited previous cases, such as that of Sergio Orrego, in which the defense did not appear, postponed hearings and maneuvered to avoid an oral trial. The Public Prosecutor also reported that “This delegate will issue an order to the judicial police to see a doctor to verify the health of the lawyer. With that testimony, Madam Judge, you will appear before the office so that the relevant measures can be taken.”

The Public Prosecutor’s Office included the prosecution’s request, through its representative who was sent to the session, who supported the request, claiming that the medical excuse was “brief” and did not provide further details. Likewise, the lawyer reported it “This is a drain on justice for the entire police force, for the power of probation and imprisonment, for your honor and for all witnesses.”referring to his previous requests to create an alternate defense for Junior Lyell.

Junior Leal, accused of killing his brother, Mauricio Leal, and his mother, Marlene Hernandez. Photo: Junior Lyle’s hairstylist

The defendant also intervened after Al-Taqdudi asked him about his knowledge of the validity of his defence. “I was not aware of what was going on, only until this morning when I found out what had happened to the lawyer and it seemed to me that she had already developed health problems, not just now, but in the days before,” said Lil Hernandez.

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After listening to all the requirements of the parties, Judge 55 in Bogota declined to issue a verification order, because he should have started from the principle of good faith of the lawyer, who sent the medical certificate in question. In addition, he indicated that he deviates from any decision made by the prosecution regarding his deportation to the clinic: “If the public prosecutor’s office wants to conduct an inspection against the defence, the office is free from any consequences that may result from it.”

At the moment it is not known if the meetings scheduled for July 6 and 7 will be held to proceed with the oral trial against Junier Rodolfo Leal Hernandez, everything will depend on the evolution of the health of the lawyer, who was immediately asked to send a medical examination. date.