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Chosen Dalia Holland Chavez, of Cetys, as a science mentor

Chosen Dalia Holland Chavez, of Cetys, as a science mentor

Carla Padilla / Overwatch
[email protected] | Cove, BC

Among the more than 500 participants, Dalia Holland Chavez Garcia, Director of the School of Engineering at the Cities International Campus in Ensenada, has been selected to participate in the second generation of Mentoras in La Ciencia, a national invitation promoted by the British Consulate.
Chavez García, who belongs to CONASET’s National System of Scholars (SNI) shared that this call has been launched at the national level targeting female scientists and researchers who belong to one of the four knowledge areas of SNI, at this second. edition, only 60 researchers were selected.
She explained that the Mentoras en la Ciencia program seeks to foster interest in science and develop a STEM file (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), so the invitation focused on scientific researchers who are part of physics, mathematics, earth sciences, biology, chemistry, biotechnology, science and agricultural engineering, where there is a low representation of women .
The Director of the College of Engineering belongs to the Department of Physics and Mathematics for her research in the field of nanotechnology, as she holds a PhD in Science with a major in Materials Physics, a graduate program focused on the development of nanomaterials.
He noted that this issue has been very popular in recent years, since great advances in biomedicine, electronics and microcontrollers, among others, use nanotechnology to improve the properties of materials and find different properties.

As part of the programme, Chávez Garcia stated that she would become a mentor for a graduate student to help her grow and transcend the academy, creating a network of support and accompaniment with a gender perspective in a generally male-dominated sector.
“It is a great opportunity as a researcher to be able to be part of a program aimed at helping young women who are studying a postgraduate degree, in addition to the fact that researchers will be trained to be able to do the work better and we have a relationship with women from all over Mexico who are working in the field of research; it is It is a great honor to be chosen to be part of the program and to be able to contribute to the development of science in Mexico,” he said.

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