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Antonina channel explains how to get it yes I can and it's easy

Antonina channel explains how to get it yes I can and it’s easy

In this episode of Yes I can and it’s easy Processor aura-soma and Fitness Trainer Wellbeing Antonina Channel shares an exercise to fully practice forgiveness and gratitude and change the mindset to process relationships. According to her, This exercise allows you to achieve a full life full of benefits, because transformation begins with the mind and positive energy.

In the specialized magazine Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin A study was published that found that Those who practiced forgiveness reported greater life satisfaction, a more positive mood, and better physical health.

in addition to, According to psychological studies on toleranceThis action triggers feelings of anger or guilt, which reduces levels of anxiety and depression.

In the case of gratitude, from a positive psychology perspective, it has been shown that those people who face life with a positive attitude—focusing on the good and promoting positive thoughts—have a greater ability to adapt to stressful situations.

to me Fitness Trainer From the luxury of Antonina Channel, these benefits make forgiveness and gratitude the tools of liberation That allows positive thoughts to emerge.

Discover the system of forgiveness and gratitude and enjoy the benefits it will bring to your life, with Antonina Channel Yes I can and it is easy.

Having studied plastic arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Antonina has dedicated herself to exploring Eastern culture and discovering the relationship between women, dance, healing and inner strength. Additionally, he has written books: Goddess Awakens (2017), Yes I Can and It’s Easy (2018), Life is a Dance (2019), Tarot of the Fairies (2020) and A Woman’s Self-Love Agenda (2022).

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She pioneered bringing belly dancing to Colombia by opening the Prem Shakti Academy of Arabic Dance. 1999 and taking the oath and teacher of honor at the Great International Festival of Belly Dance Ahlan Sahlan in Cairo (Egypt). Today she is best known as a cultural director, writer, lecturer, healer, ora soma, dancer, and Fitness Trainer Business and Empowerment

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