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Julio Iglesias Jr confirmed that his father is in very good health

Julio Iglesias Jr confirmed that his father is in very good health

Julio Iglesias Jr. spoke about the health of his father, the famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, who is close to turning 80 and I assure you he is fine.

The famous singer published several pictures of him several months ago, wearing a mustache, after some rumors painted a healthy, bleak image of the translator, “Life goes on as it is,” after his prolonged absence from the public eye. “My father lives a very quiet life in Punta Cana. My father is a person who, if he wants to take time to calm down, think, write, do what he wants, people already, once they do,” Iglesias Jr. said, during an interview on Telemundo’s show “Al Rojo Vivo,” Iglesias Jr. said.

When asked if he had spoken to his father about the rumors about his health, Iglesias Jr., who is also the son of Spanish socialite Isabel Preysler, confirmed that his father has “telepathy.” On the other hand, the singer also commented on the health of his brother, Enrique, who said he had recently suffered from pneumonia, but had already recovered.

Iglesias Jr. also talked about his latest album, Under the Covers, produced by well-known singer and music producer Robbie Perez. “I made a great record with Robbie Perez, right here in Miami. Songs like Careless Whisper, Billy Joel songs, Stevie Wonder songs.

He added that he was happy with his “Timeless” tour. “At the same time, 50 percent of my show is songs for my dad, sung in the style of Julio Iglesias Jr,” the singer revealed.

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