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Charly & Johayron apologize for leaving the concert at Havana Bar

Charly & Johayron apologize for leaving the concert at Havana Bar

Charlie and Johoron They apologized to their fans via social networks, after on Thursday they abandoned a concert at Bar Encuentro in Havana in the middle of the road.

The famous Cuban duo confirmed on Instagram that it was their responsibility, and they also apologized for the same to the bar.

“Everything is our fault, it was the fault of our team’s preparation. We are human beings, not robots, and we have the right to make mistakes, and things did not turn out as we expected and planned. the charlie In a video posted to the group’s Instagram.

They didn’t find a solution on stage, the singer added, “We were very vague, we didn’t have the spirit and we thought it wasn’t right to go on with the concert for the simple reason that it’s not what the people who entered the concert deserve.”bar. A thousand apologies because we weren’t there today.”

For its part, Bar Encuentro, which was promoting the presentation of the artists, explained on that social network: “The Charly & Johayron concert was canceled midway due to internal problems in the group, not related to Bar Encuentro or its staff, sound engineer, technology and sound artists. They are responsible for what happened.”

Instagram capture / Bar Encuentro

In the Charly & Johayron post, he didn’t wait to criticize the young singers: “a huge lack of professionalism, leaving people who’ve paid so much to see you”; “I hope their egos go down. They are the ones playing for the audience, not the audience for them. They just left a really bad volume in there”; “If things didn’t go as expected, they were supposed to come off the stage to find a solution and give this concert to everyone who was there, that’s called professional ethics.”

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Some of the duo’s followers also commented that this is not the first time they have encountered problems in their concert, since recently at Bar 2.45, there have also been many complaints from the audience.

Despite these trying times, Charly & Johayron have celebrated the success of some concerts on their networks, such as Premiere at La Tropical Last week and another one Performing in Santa Clara.