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Lima Alliance |  Eva Aylon reveals the real team that loves her |  dead |  Daniel Marquina |  Peru Team |  trcm |  Offers

Lima Alliance | Eva Aylon reveals the real team that loves her | dead | Daniel Marquina | Peru Team | trcm | Offers

The famous singer of Creole music, Eva Aylon, was surprised by her admission that she is not a fan of Alianza Lima club, despite her appearance at the stadium of Alejandro Villanueva “Matot” before the match of the blue and white team. The Peruvian artist revealed what a team it is that really makes her heart pound. Next, we tell you all the details.

trum | Eva Aylon reveals the team she’s passionate about

During his participation in the Movistar Sports program “El Camerino”, which he hosted Daniel Marquina And Luciana Roy, the singer was asked the expected question about her preference for soccer. The committee member did not hesitate to ask: “Which team are you a fan of?”.

Eva Aylón is not a fan of Alianza Lima

The eminent interpreter’s reaction “we are lovers” stunned everyone. Aylon replied: “I’m old, I can answer… Which (team) are you thinking of?”. Given this, the driver assumed she was an Alianza Lima fan. However, Eva Aylon cleared any doubt by revealing her true love squad.

“No, I’m a Peruvian fan. When you play Peru, that throat gets destroyed because I’m screaming and saying things they better not listen to.”The artist admitted. In this way he made it clear that his passion and support are directed towards the Peruvian team.

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Eva Aylon is full of praise for Monica Torres, her son’s partner: “He’s a very beautiful human being”

He agrees! In the last interview he gave to the programme “You are in all”, Eva Aylon He referred to the good relationship he had with the famous actress Monica Torres, who is the partner of his son Carlos Aylon.

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“You are the daughter-in-law of Monica Torres. How are you with her? She is my friend, she is sweet. I worked with her on two novels, the funniest, ” He consulted the Creole singer Natalie Vertez’s husband.

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