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Jessica Ortiz: Come on La Alegría, the job you didn’t know you had The Boss of The House of Celebrities 3 |  Celeb from United States |  nndaml |  fame

Jessica Ortiz: Come on La Alegría, the job you didn’t know you had The Boss of The House of Celebrities 3 | Celeb from United States | nndaml | fame

Although abandoned Monique SanchezAnd Aristeo Casares And John Riverathe third season of “La Casa de los Famosos” has once again succeeded in positioning itself as one of the most watched programs on Telemundo thanks to its curiosity and Controversial positions.

And is that with nine participants already eliminated, the Spanish series in the US is getting closer to finding out who will be the contestant who will follow in their footsteps Alice Machado And Yvonne Montero As winners and they will receive the grand prize.

In the same way, Telemundo wouldn’t be the same without leadership Jimena Gallego and Hector Sandarteas well as provisionsPresidentthe main authority figure and the one who decides the fate of the participants.

Hector Sandarte and Jimena Gallegó are the hosts of “La Casa de los Famosos” (Photo: Jimena Gallegó/Instagram)

Who is the “boss” in the “House of Fame”?

The character’s presence on the reality show is key, as she is responsible for enforcing the rules, punishing if they are not followed, announcing challenges, and being the only point of contact between the participants and the outside world.

When celebrities have a problem or inconvenience, they have to go to La Jefa to report anything that deserves helpFrancisco “Cisco” Suarez, Executive Vice President of Reality Programming and Primetime Specials at Telemundo, explained in a conversation with .

Although only his voice is known, The person responsible for translating La Jefa is Mexican broadcaster and actress Jesica Ortizwho has been in the role since the first season of the hit reality show.

Jessica Ortiz, “President” of “Celebrity House”

In the question-and-answer dynamic on her social networks, where she has amassed nearly 166 thousand followers, the presenter referred to her experience of being the authoritative voice on the controversial reality show and how participating in another program prepared her for the position.

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At this point, I’m not sure what day it is, I’m already very confused about the time, and I feel tired all the time. But I already know that this is the case, I already know that at this point I really need to give all my energy”, referring to the complex schedule between the program and the online audio management workshop.

In the same way, the dubbing actress emphasized that the experience can be complex because she needs to be aware of both the instructions of the production team and the allegations and questions of the members of the reality show.

I need to listen to many people at the same time, and I need to focus on many things at the same timeexplained Jessica, who, despite the complexity, would acknowledge the experience.I love“.

Jessica Ortiz is responsible for translating “La Jefa,” Wonder Woman and more (Photo: jessikortiz/Instagram)

The old post of “LA JEFA” by TELEMUNDO

Although covering two fronts during a live program is quite complicated, it’s not the first time a file has been exposed famous from mexico He is in this position, since before that he was part of Venga la alegría TV Azteca for more than a decade.

It helps me a lot that I’ve been in Venga la alegría for 15 years driving games and it also helps me a lot that I focus a lot on dubbing so it all helps me‘, the announcer pointed out.

On the TV Azteca program, the presenter was part of such segments as “Encyclopedia of Crime”, “Disconnected”, “Game of Chairs” and others.

Jessica Ortiz has over 166k followers on social media (Photo: jessikortiz/Instagram)

Who is Jessica Ortiz?

According to the presenter herself, who was born in Mexico City and started her career in media at the age of 9 practicing different phrases, but it wasn’t until she was 15 that she realized this was her vocation.

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I told him: I want dubbing. He laughed and everything, but I put my batteries in, and I went to study acting, and I studied and studied acting in the afternoons because I was already very involved in this, and little by little I became a dubbing actress.He stated this in an interview with the Mexican Podcast .

This is how the voice actress was able to join important productions, not only being the voice in TV shows, but also dubbing series like “New Girl”, where she lent her voice to the protagonist Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel).

This is that dubbing is not just a thing. One thinks nothing more than sound and that’s it. You have to have a rhythm, it’s like learning to drive, you need to practicehe indicated in the interview.

In addition to “Venga la Alegría” and “La Casa de los famosos,” the Mexican actress is the voice of Disney Junior Latin America and often plays actresses such as Drew Barrymore, Gal Gadot, Michelle Monaghan, Anna Paquin, Jessica Alba, Kate McKinnon, Priyanka Chopra, Awkwafina, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Rose Byrne, Evangeline Lilly, Kate Hudson, among others.