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Jerry Bengtson comes out after Olimpia’s elimination from the Copa Central America and surprises Motagua with his wishes

Jerry Bengtson comes out after Olimpia’s elimination from the Copa Central America and surprises Motagua with his wishes


he Olympia And he received a heavy blow to his dream of qualifying for the next round of the tournament Central American CupAfter not achieving the required degree in Group B and be third.

After winning 2-0 at XelajúTeam Olympia understands the emotional trauma caused by the exclusion from this international tournament.

Captain White Jerry BentsonThey moved forward and realized the difficult moment that represented them being on the road in the Copa América.

And it ended in the best way winning, we already knew we weren’t counting on ourselves; There was another game to be played in another stadium, but we had to finish the game in the best possible way and win.”

He added, “It can’t be done and this is over and now we have to think about the National League.”

Bengtsson confirmed that they are following what happens in Independiente’s match against Fez in Panama, which the Canaleros won 5-0.

“We were waiting for the result, what we had to do was finish the game by winning it and thank God we were able to win it, we couldn’t, what we wanted was to qualify. We will analyze where we failed and I think the first two games are the ones that left us out of the tournament”.

Without losing sight of the responsibility entrusted to them in this exclusion, the Lions striker did not hide his pain.

“It’s tough, tough, but we knew what could happen and now the only thing left is to win the two championships; we’ll fight them because the other competitors want it.”

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Bengtsson does not see this exclusion as a failure, although the fans always expect the best from the club.

“I don’t think he failed, but Olimpia always fights for these titles; that’s football and sometimes we all want to win and we can’t. Now for the two championships.”

And he replies: “In Olympia, all the tournaments you want to win, but sometimes you can’t.”

And at the time of the consultation about the result that kept them out of the competition today: “The match in Nicaragua is what kept us away.”

In the end, seeing that only Motagua will represent Honduras in the next round of CONCACAF, the striker showed his team the most support. “Now we have to wish them well and that they can win the cup.”