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"It's not the same for Hamilton to be behind any other driver."

“It’s not the same for Hamilton to be behind any other driver.”

The Mexican spoke about his first win with Red Bull ahead of the French Grand Prix.

first victory Sergio Perez With Red Bull In Azerbaijan, she was distinguished by the fencing that lived with the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who tried for more than 30 laps to beat the Mexican.

Opposite French Grand PrixAnd the Czech Perez بير He spoke about that moment and noted that he had never felt so much pressure in Formula 1 in racing.

“It’s not the same to have Hamilton in the back with a mercedes More than any other driver, in that moment you realize how good he is, how he manages his career, the moments he pushes, the moments he saves,” said Chico.

Victory at Baku Street Circuit went to Czech Perez بير The first chance to feel on par with Hamilton, who has dominated the Mercedes class, the most dominant team in the hybrid era.

“I think it was the closest I’ve had with him in my entire history. I understood a lot about how she acted. Basically he didn’t let me breathe from start to finish,” the 31-year-old said.

Czech Perez بير Talk about the trophy he won in the race and acknowledge that the team keeps these trophies, so you won’t be able to get them, unless you pay for a replica.

This cup went straight to the factory. I wasn’t allowed to keep it, but I could have a replica if I paid for it,” said the man from Guadalajara, who left it up in the air if he was going to pay to get one.

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“I had to go straight back to Milton Keynes. I spent a few days there for some marketing stuff, so there were no parties involved. It was a great day for the whole team, but above all I was preparing for the next race,” Sergio told the media.