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Hugo González accepts that he is leaving Rayados due to criticism from fans

Hugo González accepts that he is leaving Rayados due to criticism from fans

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon /

Finally leaving Hugo Gonzalez from Planned The goalkeeper made it clear that he would not go for football issues, but for matters off the field, such as bad relationship which he had with a portion of biazol hobbywho constantly criticizes his level.

following Gang They did not forgive him I made a mistake At the end of Opening 2017 against tigers Which is why they had under the magnifying glass every action he took and ensured he never left with any suspended account.

“I will not leave with any account suspended because of I don’t go to footballBut for something else. “I will be calm,” he said at Mariano Escobedo airport.

In terms of people criticizing him, the 30-year-old said he respects them and that’s why he didn’t set out to say whether they deserve it or notHowever, the people of the club remain unanimously agreed that he does not go out for his performance.

“I don’t know if it’s unfair or not. I respect everyone’s opinion a lot, but I’m calm, especially since the club, the board, the coaches and we all agree on the same thing, It is for another position Not because of football.

right Now Hugo will join brave who drives Ricardo Ferretti, the coach who approached him to convince him to sign for Qian Chihuahua and Do not hesitate to accept The project for the next season.

“I was very interested in the project he proposed to me TocaWe know the quality of the coach and as soon as he contacts me, I never doubted it. “There is no way I would not accept an offer like the one he made,” he said.

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