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It is indeed true, this is how the song “TQG”, a collaboration with Karol G and Shakira, sounds

(CNN Spanish) – The day has come, finally the release of “TQG” (which means you get too big), the first collaboration between two Colombian powerhouses: Karol G and Shakira.

The theme, which premiered at midnight on Friday, February 24, Miami time, is a female empowerment song in which performers describe their liberation and growth after a relationship ends.

The urban theme begins with Carol G on a rooftop and falling off when she encounters an ex-partner in the lyrics.

“You left and say you’re over me and got a new girlfriend / What you don’t know is you still see all my stories” Carol J sings

He adds, “Tell your new baby I don’t compete for men / To stop pulling this at least I made you pretty.”

Shakira begins the song in a chilly setting, surrounded by ice floes and wearing a metallic blue dress. The lyrics read that “Seeing you with someone else hurts me but I’m ready to take me personally / You forgot what we lived and that’s what’s bothering you”.

Although no specific names are mentioned, social networks ensure that both interpreters sing to their former partners: Anuel AA and Gerard Piqué.

The collaboration everyone was waiting for

Rumors of this collaboration started at the beginning of the year, but the news was confirmed by “La Picotta” on their social networks this week.

“We know you’ve been waiting for it and here we are,” Carol G said in a post shared in a collaborative format with Shakira.

“TQG” is part of “Mañana ser bonito”, the fourth studio album by the Medellin native.

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Carol J told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe how she asked Shakira to collaborate with her on the song.

Karol G said that before calling his compatriot he was seeing what was going on with Shakira in his personal life and decided to make that call.

“Sorry for calling you directly, but I think I have a song,” Karol G told Apple Music.

“You’re probably happy to hear it because I think it represents a moment in your life,” the interpreter of “Tosa” told Shakira.

New album “Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful” by Carol J

He said on his Instagram that this is a “project to which I have dedicated a lot of love and time”. The album contains 17 songs, including such songs as “X si volvemos” with Romeo Santos, “Provenza” or “Cairo” with its producer Ovy On The Drums.

The translator said in an interview with the American program CBS Morning That his positive attitude is what led to the name of the record.

The album was born out of a difficult moment in her life, Carol G told CBS, and during the pain process, she explains, she talked to herself and told herself that tomorrow would be better, that it would be beautiful.

“It was hard for me to finish the album,” the Colombian told CBS. Added Carroll J.

Colombian women he told the New York Times That the production will have very honest lyrics that will lead his followers to get a little involved in his life. Karol G told the outlet that the first songs he composed were filled with sadness and anger at the end of his relationship with Anuel AA.

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“People will know a lot about my personal life through my songs. But I don’t want the songs to be in me anymore, because I know people can heal a lot of things with music. Writing songs for me is a very good way to heal things that I can’t explain,” Carroll said. J for The New York Times.