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Shakira “billed” the millionaire’s salary thanks to her songs against Pique

AndThe last topic of Shakira next to strange It continues to give a lot to talk about because of its content. Telecinco’s morning show in Spain, Anna Rosa ProgramAnalyze what economic figures Shakira entered for the “triple” against Pique.

The singer has reached a number that exceeds all expectations. Without going any further, the song with strange Arrived to 122 million copies.

The money he earned is divided depending on the different music platforms.

So far he has won on Youtube 512 thousand dollarsin Amazon $500k, Spotify $360k, Apple $1m max $200kvery high numbers for a single.

Collection with other songs

In the program they continue to explain the winnings of the last three numbers after the break.

Shakira has more than two and a half million dollars in earnings with Session No. 53. Going to other songs in which she also refers to the former soccer player, “I congratulate you,” which was published in April 2022, has more than 445 billion copies, generating about 10 million dollars. “Monotonía”, accompanied by Ozuna, which was released two months ago, has 166 million copies, has become three million 554 thousand dollars. A point from the Anna Rosa program.

Later, a calculation was made that Shakira, compiling the three songs, inserted a few of them $15 million At the expense of heart-wrenching songs about Pique.

The former Barcelona defender’s response was to sign a sponsorship agreement with Renault and Casiotwo of the brands mentioned in Shakira’s song.

with the past Shakira song with Carol J The numbers are expected to double.

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