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Integration of medicine

Integration of medicine

A few years ago it was strange for a health professional to lean toward holistic medicine, as there was so much ignorance of this branch and doubts always arose about its honesty, preparation, and research support when treating patients. However, Colombia was growing in terms of the enhancement, scope and use of ancestral, oriental, and alternative knowledge.

The holistic medicine approach goes beyond the physical aspect, it takes into account other factors of the person such as mental, emotional and spiritual. This is because its philosophy is based on the study of all these areas, including the most accurate, in order to know the origin of the disease and the ability to heal.

Currently, the country is merging traditional medicine with holistic medicine. How do you explain that? Juan Esteban BlackTCM therapist, “Health professionals recognize the importance of psychological factors in the processes of health and disease. Some doctors say that emotions can affect serious illnesses, as well as affect bioelectricity within the body.”

In addition, the importance of alternative medicine can be seen in various health promotion companies (EPS); Because they have this branch within their services. Convention 029 of 2012 states, in Article 19, that: “EPS may include the use of alternative and complementary medicines and therapies, by service providers that are part of its service network, as long as they are licensed and duly regulated to practice it, in accordance with the provisions of current regulations in that matter “.

Colsubsidio, Nueva EPS, Sura, Compensar, Famisanar, Sanitas, Comfenalco are some of the EPS currently offering this service; In addition to medium and high complex hospitals such as Hospital de Soba II Neville Kami Soba, Foundation Santa Fe and Hospital Militar Central.

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Alternative medicine has become a complementary treatment option to support outpatients and inpatients, with therapeutic management of specialties. This has led to them being an active part of groups such as pain clinics and addiction rehabilitation clinics.

It should be noted that “in order to be able to work in alternative medicine and have an office, a medical certificate with an approved specialization in alternative medicines is required,” Aswad explains.

On the other hand, the study of holistic medicine has been integrated as a professional study in various educational centers in the country, and now people can access this knowledge without the need to travel abroad.

Manuela GomezA physician and alternative medicine specialist at CES, remembers that in 2011, when she wanted to do an elective in holistic medicine, there was no agreement with another university. “I was able to find a university in New York, that had an alliance with a university in Beijing where I could specialize in TCM”