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The Colombian Olympics, an initiative to study science in the country - areacucuta.com

The Colombian Olympics, an initiative to study science in the country – areacucuta.com

The Colombian Olympic Games for Mathematics, Physics, Science, Computing, Astronomy, Biology and Linguistics is an initiative that seeks – at its core – to motivate the country’s students in the study of these sciences. Since 1981 (40 years) they have been led by the University of Antonio Nariño (UAN), striving to promote excellence, education and passion for them.

This year – precisely – for the first time, a Colombian delegation participated in the International Olympiad in Economics, which became another achievement; The team claimed two bronze medals, and this debut was a success. The students who marked the occasion were Simon James and Daniel Reichfield.

In this regard, Maria Losada, Director of the Colombian Olympic Games at UAN explained: “This is one of the components that we are working on and it prepares students for international exams. In the case of the Economics Olympiad, there is a very demanding preparation, and it can be said that in order to get an intense MBA of short duration, but the student learns a lot about economics, about setting business issues or On financial management issues, among other things, this is the first time we have attended and the results have been very positive“.

Losada explained that work is taking place on three fronts. The organization of the National Olympiad in various sciences, preparing the best students to face international competitions and the third aspect, is the same as the organization of the National Olympiad, but also organizations of a regional and international nature.

Along the same lines, this year’s Math Olympiad was organized in Central America and the Caribbean in August, with the participation of 12 countries in the region, where the main organizer was Colombia, and in the same way, this year the International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics will be held, which is global in nature It is also regulated by the state.

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Colombia has been strengthened in this particular field, thanks to the development of the Colombian Olympic Games of Astronomy, through which young people have been able to envision greater scientific, investigative and technological capabilities, as a contribution to the cultural, economic and social development of the region in their group. The Olympiad Office has developed 12 national editions of the Astronomy Olympiad (2010-2021), and since 2011 has consistently participated in the International Olympiad (Poland 2011) and is now the venue in 2021. In addition, he has led two editions of the Latin American Olympic Games

Astronomy and Astronautics in 2010 and 2012, the latter with international support and the next major international Olympiad they will organize will be Physics in 2025.

In the same way, the National Olympiad Office is leading the “Project Constellation: Astrological Literacy in 13 Cities, 13 Dreams and 13 Challenges”, which aims to promote the scientific and social culture of Colombians through generation and ownership. Knowledge and innovation.

This project will be developed at the national level. It is an academic and scientific event on astronomy, astronautics and related sciences, to exchange knowledge and establish communication and cooperation links, in addition to knowledge and exchange of educational experiences and to promote the development of scientific competencies in students, based on principles and values ​​recognized nationally and internationally, with a strong structure and a qualified human team Highly qualified and passionate in 13 different cities in Colombia‘,” said Christian Jose Theran, coordinator of the Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad.

From the national level to the international level

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The process that the students, whether they are primary, secondary or university, is first to be competitors for the national boards, then the most distinguished wins the right to prepare for free, to be part of the international competitions, because it takes place in different regions.

For example, in Mathematics, there is a National Olympiad (first semester of the year) and then comes the regional first (Semester two), where the winners can access this boost for special performance, and there they learn what it is like to participate in the International Olympiad, and from There the Colombian team is selected.

“The pandemic has led to a slight decrease in the number of people participating, now the challenge will be to match the numbers from before and we hope to recover little by little. We want all schools to participate in the Colombian Olympic Games, in the same way, we have different events approaching, such as the Regional Mathematical Olympiad in September”Losada details.

In conclusion, the Director of the Colombian Olympic Games stressed that it is essential that the different sectors know about these initiatives and communicate with them, and also considered that there are a few schools that are “ashamed” to participate in the activity for fear of the consequences. “By fostering an interest in science first, we give incentive to its study and between fun and challenging problems, the student can become like those who excelled this year in the International Mathematical Olympiad and who were awarded with silver, bronze and an honorary medal. For this reason, some fun competitions, such as Mathematics, have been created. Kangaroo, a cooperation between a large number of countries”, andLosada explained.

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