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Influential was expelled from the plane because of his bad treatment of passengers

Influential was expelled from the plane because of his bad treatment of passengers

An American Airlines plane, covering a route in the United States, was interrupted by the screams of a woman who insulted other passengers.

The person who insulted the travelers was neither less nor more than an influencer. Morgan OthmanCaptured by the cell phone camera of one of those who witnessed the event.

This influencer is known in the show business for being a part of the reality show “Big Brother” and for being one One of the most controversial participants.

Likewise, the model is The current girlfriend of businessman Philipp Plein, Who I met through the social networking site Instagram.

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Othman appears in the video, wearing a tight gray dress, saying: “Shut up!” “Shut your fucking mouth!”, while being recorded by someone on the flight who the influencer also labeled a “fucking tramp”.

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“Call me a bitch again, I didn’t do anything wrong! Call me an asshole again. Record me. I’m Instagram famous, you asshole,” Osman said when she realized she was being recorded.

After the incident, the airline members decided to ask Usman to get off the plane, which he did, but throughout the entire journey to the gate he did nothing but shout insults at all the passengers.

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then, The woman stated on social media that she was not expelled from the plane. But she decided to come down of her own free will to avoid any physical confrontation.

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Among the comments the video received on “X” were: “Who is she?”, “No one knows this woman”, “What is her username on Instagram”, “No, I think she’s saying sarcastically that she’s going to be Instagram famous.“, “I think she’s only famous at home,” among others.

The “influencer” was a victim of the millionaire’s journey

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