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Christian Nodal and Ricky Martin have already released a hit duet!  |  video

Christian Nodal and Ricky Martin have already released a hit duet! | video

If there’s a collaboration we’ve all been waiting for, it’s undoubtedly the one put together by the Mexican singer. Christian is my contract and puerto rican, Ricky Martin. Who released one of the biggest hits that the Puerto Rican had in his career, as they resorted to the very famous song from the nineties. “Fire by night and snow by day.”

Nodal and Ricky had already announced this duet on social media, where they revealed it last week, but it is not yet known what tune it will be.

“In Miami, I am preparing something that I am sure will interest you. We continue!” “Christian Nodal,” Ricky Martin wrote in a series of photos on his Instagram account announcing the news, while Nodal quickly responded: “I love you, king!! Thanks for making me a part of this.”

Ricky Martin and Christian Nodal

It has only been released for three hours, and there are already thousands of views on different platforms such as YouTube, and is creating buzz on their social networks.

It should be noted that this is not the only thing that Ricky Martin prepares that relates to Mexicans. Well, the Puerto Rican is also preparing on September 20 at 9:00 pm at CDMX Arena to present one of the most anticipated events to his fans.

The event is called Ricky Martin Sinfonico, where in addition to singing many of his songs, He shares the stage with 60 musicians to perform songs such as “Tal Vez,” “Disparo Al Corazón,” “Pégate” and “Tu memoria.” To mention one of the most famous people who follow his career.

Christian Nodal has released a great album in tribute to Mexico

Now we are overwhelmed with emotion after that Christian is my contract He boasted an enormous musical repertoire for his fans, more than enough to celebrate the national holidays of Mexican independence.

Well, on this occasion, Christian’s new baby, He clearly has a cake under his arm, because just a few hours after it appeared it already had thousands and thousands of views All the songs he releases are a tribute to Mexican music.

Yes, just as you read it, Nodal decided to pay a little tribute to those songs that crossed all boundaries and made everyone sing along, regardless of your nationality and language, not to mention the color of your skin.

They are songs that have touched the hearts of thousands of people and, in their style, are captured in their new song “México en mi Voz”. Material consisting of five distinct songs that made Mexico’s history around the world.

It’s now available on any platform, and he clearly chose it very carefully, with all the respect in the world.

Those chosen are: “Acá entre nos”, made famous by the late, great music legend Don Vicente Fernández. Same as “La Li del Monte”one of the hit songs that Christian included in this new release.

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