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Brú Luccas says goodbye to summer with this season’s most stylish one-piece swimwear

Brú Luccas says goodbye to summer with this season’s most stylish one-piece swimwear

Once again, it’s trending on Instagram. Brazilian influencer Pro Lucas made a big impact when he bid farewell to summer in a black one-piece swimsuit. By posting two photos of herself smiling very much, the model also appeared amidst the stunning white sand.

Bro Lucas posted on Instagram. | Credits: Instagram @bruluccas.

Continuously upload photos and videos to your account Instagram, Bro Lucas He is very popular when showcasing his travels around the world. With more than 5 million followers on the social networkThe vast majority of Brazilian influencer posts far exceed one hundred thousand hearts, thus becoming… Viral trend.

Brú Luccas has become a viral trend on Instagram

Bro Lucas He uploaded two photos to his account InstagramBut this time, she did not mention any description, and let the pictures speak for themselves, showing her elegant black jumpsuit with stripes on the sides. The swimsuit features a fully open check closure.

Brú Luccas wears a black suit on Instagram. | Credits: Instagram @bruluccas.

With completely discreet makeup, no jewelry anywhere on her body and barely any painted nails, the photo quickly went viral. Instagram. It surpassed one hundred thousand hearts shortly after being posted. Moreover, the image Bro Lucas He received many compliments from fans.

Brú Luccas wears a stylish black suit on Instagram. | Credits: Instagram @bruluccas.

I was born in São Paulo 28 years ago. Bro Lucas He is a celebrity in Instagram. It is often shown how he travels around the world. It should be noted that the Brazilian influencer also specializes in modeling and that her residence is located in California, United States.

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