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I’m not interested in being in that game.” | Listín Diario

I’m not interested in being in that game.” | Listín Diario

Former Korean Ambassador Humberto Salazar responded to his “shameful and lifelong” expulsion from the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), on Monday.

Through the social networking site X, the former Twitter, he indicated that the person who asked him to join that political organization Danilo Medina was on December 27, 2020, but I never applied Since he is my friend, he was pleased.”

He confirmed that he was expelled without being summoned, notified, and heard, adding that he was also being investigated “Lying in a report” sent via WhatsApp.

“For this reason, I consider that the document in question has not reached me and I inform the head of the department of the situation, while reserving the right of appeal, in the event of an attempt to violate my rights to defense.” , to the competent court. I’m not interested in being in that game, but they didn’t want to listen to me, and now they’re going to have to For love or pain. He said: Memory is the opposite of forgetting.

The National Disciplinary and Ethical Court of the Dominican Liberation Party, headed by Alejandrina Germán, expelled Salazar from its ranks after receiving two complaints of sexual harassment. Juan Pérez Mejía and Delvis Franco, both members of the PLD Central CommitteeWho accused him of issuing opinions against Abel Martinez and that political organization.

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