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“Brian Mwenda Njagi, the ‘fake lawyer’ who won more than 20 cases without graduating” |  Daily menu

“Brian Mwenda Njagi, the ‘fake lawyer’ who won more than 20 cases without graduating” | Daily menu

the Tricks They are already part of daily life in different parts of the world. In professional practice, it has become common to find doctors without degrees and teachers teaching subjects without being graduates; Law school is no exceptionAnd this time it is Brian Mwenda Njagi, A 28-year-old man who works as a lawyer in Kenya and Without a university degree.

In his role in law, Brian has won over 20 cases representing approximately 26 clients Before the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Kenya. He did not lose on either occasion despite his lack of formal training.

This attorney’s facade began to crumble when he tried to complete an application procedure Hold practice at the Law Society of Kenya (Kenya Bar Association, translated into Spanish). So that no one would suspect, he wanted to carry out the operation under an identity Brian Mwenda Ntwija, The real lawyer you have a similarity in name, Copy your profile data.

In view of the call made by the Bar and the alarming situation, Brian Mwenda Ntweja complained to the Kenya Bar Association that it was Attempted identity theft He stressed that he did not request any document, according to ABC.

As a result of the complaint submitted by the real lawyer, the department officials They called for the arrest of Brian Mwenda Njagi.

The case of this “fake lawyer” became very popular and was dubbed the “fake lawyer”. Real life Mike Ross, character from “Suits”also known as “The Code of the Bold”, where one of the heroes became A A prominent lawyer from the Council of Ministers without being a graduate of the profession.

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This trickster’s skill in law also caused an occurrence The Kenyan businessman became interested in his ability to exerciseHe is considering paying bail for his release.