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“I’m going to Cuba because I feel like it, I’m 100 percent Cuban.”

“I’m going to Cuba because I feel like it, I’m 100 percent Cuban.”

Linear table He continues to use his concerts to clarify his position on Cuba, especially after the controversy it sparked His last trip to the island.

In his last show in Tampa, Florida, the singer and composer this week indicated on stage the possibility of returning to his country.

“I will go to Cuba because I feel like it, I will go to Cuba. I have nothing to do there now (…) But if I go back to Cuba I will not go to see anyone from there, these communists, it is because I am Cuban, not Mexican, not Puerto Rican “None of that,” he said at one point during the ceremony: “I am 100 percent Cuban.”

In the video, which La familia Cubana posted on her personal Instagram page, the audience can be heard responding with cheers and applause to Lainier’s statements.

A few weeks ago, during another concert in Orlando, the artist called on the audience to scream “Díaz-Canel and Otola Sinhao” Explaining his position against dictatorship and also against the influential Alexander Otaola, who is one of the most influential people He criticized him Since traveling to Cuba during the Santa Maria Music Festival.

Through the networks he also dropped another hint, “Let’s make music and not talk too much.”But his strongest statements came after his return from Cuba, where he traveled, according to him Seeing your grandfather sick.

Lenier stated in an interview that “There are more communists in Miami than in CubaThat’s why I don’t want to talk about politics or anything anymore.”

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