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“I’d like to keep watching it here instead of on TV”


after overflow Liverpool In Enfield, AL real madrid He returns to LaLiga for a tough encounter. Receive eggs this Saturday Athlete at Bernabeu and Ancelotti He said it would be a “special” derby. He also referred to the future Nacho He was consulted about his continuity next year on the Merengue bench.


“I see the team well. We left the Champions League match with good feelings and good dynamics. It will be a special match against a team that is in a good moment. It will be a beautiful match like the one in the Copa del Rey.”

Win the league and champions

“Everyone knows how important the Champions League is to this club. This does not mean that we will not fight for all the titles, we will use all our energy to win the Spanish League. To this day, we will fight for all competitions. In the league we have a defect…”.

Nacho ends his contract

“I don’t know what will happen next year with Nacho. Maybe we’re both here. I’d like to keep watching him at Valdebebas instead of on TV. I hope so…”.

His relationship with Nacho

“I see him every day and there was a time when I wasn’t happy. With me he didn’t complain and kept suffering from the period he didn’t play. He was professional and when I needed him he was always there. I have a weakness that Real Madrid are happy… and it just so happens.” If we win. I feel sorry for my players because I am fond of them. I just want Real Madrid to feel good… Having said that, tomorrow they will play on the left flank.”

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Vinicius’ physical condition

“It is rare that he never gets injured, but he has amazing genes. Thanks to the parents. Then his professionalism because he takes care of himself before and after matches and training sessions. He is a boy who is very focused on his work.”


“It’s a derby where all teams are on the line. It’s something special for the fans, even though we’re used to it. The competition is very big. The referee is an international referee and I think he has the experience to blow the whistle for this type of match. It’s highly valued in Europe and has the necessary experience.”

Sergio Ramos withdrew from the national team due to his advanced age

The issue of age is the same as the issue of youth. If the footballer complies, there is no need to look at a DNI. If a player turns 16 and turns… well, they’ll have to play. You have to evaluate what is happening in the field every day. This is our job, and our age, for better or for worse, can’t be decisive. Sometimes they say that I do not train the quarry, and in his days I put Buffon, who was then 16 years old. He was very good, better than the others and that’s why he played. Maldini trained once a week and played because he was the best ever.”


“I like spending time with him because we love football. He has nothing to learn from me. I’ve never seen how he works and I would like, from personal experience, what his day-to-day work is like. It always gives you more knowledge, seeing how the rest of the coaches set up the game. This It is where you learn.”

Will you continue in Madrid next year?

“Yeah yeah. I don’t have to renew, it’s something that’s been done. I’m calm. The only thing I have to do is win games (laughs).”

Arbitration and corruption case

There is no corruption here or in Europe. Referees fail everywhere and if they fail you just have to accept it. Sometimes I get angry, but I am absolutely convinced that at the moment there is no corruption in the world of football.