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Tied Millionaires and Antonio Casale is the Big Trend: Why?

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On an ESPN broadcast, he commented on the match between U Cattolica vs. Millonarios and accused him of being fouled.

Antonio Casal and Universidad Católica vs. Millionaires
picture: Archive and EFE

In a gray match and without many goal options for the Catholic University of Ecuador or the Millonarios, we really had to “dig” to highlight the proceedings. A shot from the crossbar disturbed attempts by Alvaro Montero and the Ecuadorean but without a response from the ambassadors did not pour in the creation, let alone attack. The departure of the two sides was highly visible and was criticized by both Elvis Perlaza and Omar Bertel who were not quite fit to act. The start was 0-0 without much access.

Millonarios couldn’t hold on to the win they predicted in Quito to comfortably set history in Bogota next week, but the scoreless tie still left the series open. The visiting team enjoyed no more goal-scoring opportunities than a one-on-one goal by Leonardo Castro, who was saved by Universidad’s goalkeeper Quiro.

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Libertadores Cup

Clearly, in an emotionless game and with few arrivals, the ears of viewers who turned on ESPN to watch the game were tuned to the comments of Antonio Casal, a Millonarios fan who has confused more than one person. As a follower of Albiazul, Casale knows every player’s names perfectly, but strangely when the narrator gets confused, Antonio only confirms the real name, but doesn’t correct it or tell him what I did wrong. And it didn’t happen once, it happened more than two or three times.

And it is that every time Leonardo Castro had the ball under his feet, the Argentine narrator for ESPN changed his entire name to “Torres.” Although viewers took notice and set the networks on fire so much that they tended to be Antonio Casali for most of the commitment, the journalist who served as commentator on the game’s broadcasts never corrected his last name.

While his partner kept calling Leonardo Castro “Torres” and while Antonio Casal said nothing about the foul, the networks continued to charge Casal so much that it went viral and became the big trend in a game without emotions and in that the former Deportivo Pereira, the player concerned with fouls, does not weigh in over 90 minute. Here are the best comments on Twitter:

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