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"I would like to play for Real Madrid. Every player dreams of wearing this shirt"

“I would like to play for Real Madrid. Every player dreams of wearing this shirt”


He is one of the key midfielders in the plan Mauricio Pochettino in it Paris Saint-Germain And in the last hours, he stirred up social networks by revealing his desire to be a part of real madrid.

Mbappe’s mother confirms that Real Madrid is the first choice

we are talking about Leandro Paredes. The Argentine midfielder was interviewed by TyC Sports and spoke about the Albiceleste team, a prospect of returning to Boca Juniors. His dream is to wear a Madrid shirt. It must be remembered that the player is recovering from an injury sustained at this final stage of the season.

walls He confirmed that he would go to Team Merengue if he had to choose another team outside Paris Saint-Germain. “I would like to play for Real Madrid. Every player dreams of wearing this shirt. It is a very important club, but I have a lot of respect for Paris Saint-Germain and I am happy here,” he revealed.

On the other hand, the midfielder stated that River Plate It will be a club he will never play in, declaring himself one of his followers mouth since childhood.

Regarding a possible return to Xeneize, the entity from which he departed in 2013 bound for Europe, walls The door was not closed. “I would like to go back to Boca. What needs to happen will happen and you have to live life.”

The French press takes Mbappe’s signature by Madrid for granted

With two decades still ahead of us, Paris Saint-Germainand rumors about the possibility of some Argentines continuing, Linder He said: ‘I’m fine here. The coach loves me and the club loves me’.

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At the right moment to determine, walls Comment on what it was like to win the America’s Cup in the Marcana. “It was better than a dream… We were locked up for 45 days without seeing the family. Winning in Brazil, with Brazil after so many years, was the best for us.”

And about the famous image of Messi s Neymar Once the final is over, walls He declared it to be something that “shows the kind of person” that his clubmates are outside the hierarchy and presence that goes along with him.