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“I was going to jump from the sixth floor.”

“I was going to jump from the sixth floor.”

toTo separate from Shakira And Gerrard Pique This was one of the most popular topics a year and a half ago, when the Colombian and the Spaniard announced that they would no longer be a couple.

Since then, the singer has expressed herself in many ways, especially with her music. Session with Argentine producer BezarabA clear message to former player and current girlfriend Clara Shea became great He hits all over the world.

However, the former Spain international has remained silent so far.

Shakira: “Leave me alone, everyone. I am a wounded wolf.”

Pique finally talks about his breakup with Shakira

Now Gerard Pique has made his decision Break the silence Discuss the entire situation with your ex. In a conversation with the host Jordi Basti of the Catalan radio station “Rac1”, the Spaniard spoke about everything that happened with the Colombian singer.

People don’t even know ten percent of what actually happened.

Gerrard Pique

“People don’t even know ten percent of what really happened,” the former centre-back said of their split. He also stated that it is “based on mostly untrue information.”

“If I had given importance to everything said about me, I would have been locked in my apartment or jumped out of the bedroom… The only way to get out of all this alive is to not give importance to anything,” Pique said.

The Catalan also announced that he should now not think about other issues beyond his relationship with his current partner Clara Chia, his professional projects and keeping his personal life “private”. In addition, he described everything that happened after his separation from Shakira as a “circus,” although he says that he realizes that “he is part of the show” because he is a media personality.

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