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Shakira: Pique took his girlfriend from a best friend's brother, paparazzi say

Shakira: Pique took his girlfriend from a best friend’s brother, paparazzi say

The separation of footballer Gerard Pique and Shakira has become even more entangled.

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After revealing photos of the player with his supposed new girlfriend became known, Clara Shea MartyIt was all very strange.

In the first place, they would have said that the young woman was apparently pregnant. which was denied.

Then, photos were posted that were said to be of the woman and later ended up being someone else’s.

Now, the situation becomes very complicated again due to the revelation of paparazzi Jordi Martin, who has followed the relationship closely.

All this because he says Yes, there was betrayal if.

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Unexpected betrayal

Shakira and Pique met in 2010, at the World Cup in South Africa.


Instagram: @3gerardpique

“Gerrard is known to have a best friend, and Clara was that friend’s brother’s girlfriend. They told me that Pique had been crushed since the first time he saw her and they changed their phones. They started sneaking‘,” Martin initially stated on ‘El gordo y la flaca’.

Shakira wasn’t the only one deceived.he added.

“Pique not only He took his best friend’s brother’s girlfriend, but he also kicked him out of Cosmos. Instead, he hired the girl. The paparazzi said that this relationship began with the deception of Shakira and Clara’s poor friend.

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As he said at the recent festival of popular images, “The girl was very friendly with the footballer’s friends, because they work together at Cosmos”.

“The girl is a refugee in Pique’s house. They also tell me that Pique’s children already know her. Clara is the one who takes care of them and entertains them‘ said an entertainment reporter.

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Did you take your new girlfriend to the Camp Nou?

Pique and Shakira

Pique and Shakira watching Nadal’s match in 2019.

According to Hola! who closely followed the breakup of Shakira and Pique, The soccer player had sent some kisses on the stands During the warm-up period for the match against Valladolid.

Shakira’s ex-partner was one of them and, in front of the camera lens, starred in some eye-catching photos. On one occasion, the defender turned his gaze toward the stands and threw several kisses in the air with the usual gesture. Putting his hand to his mouth. While drawing a smile, he raised his arm high to greet. He did not change the complicit gesture that reflected his face.”reviews the relevant mediator.

Although it is not clear to whom the “kisses” were directed, it is said that they could have been directed at Clara Shea Marti, her supposed new partner.

“Many speculate that those greetings could be addressed to his new girlfriend, who, as she went with him to Danny Martin’s party and the wedding of a close friend of his, was able to go to the stadium to watch the Barcelona match,” he says. Okdiario”, in a text titled “Pique Air’s Mysterious Kisses at Camp Nou”.

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