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Paquita la del Barrio: Details of the exact surgery that the singer will undergo have been revealed

Paquita la del Barrio: Details of the exact surgery that the singer will undergo have been revealed

Paquita neighborhood She raised alerts among her fans on Thursday, November 9, after it was revealed that she had been hospitalized in an emergency. Later on him actor, Paco Torreswas responsible for giving details about Health status Singer upon revelation Microsurgery To which he will submit and for which he will stop making offers to recover.

Paquita from the neighborhood is hospitalized

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The health of the Veracruz singer He keeps fans on alert, as during 2023 he canceled some of his concerts due to problems related to his delicate condition. In addition, the announcement of his latest work, Palenque, is the last Tekkoko Gallery And using a wheelchair to move from the stages, as well as using the sofa on the stage to avoid excessive fatigue that may harm him.

Paquita del Barrio is hospitalized in emergency. Photo: IGpaquitaoficialb

This time it was announced that she had been hospitalized for surgery, which she postponed so that she could appear at the Tlaxcala Fair and replace Ana Bárbara. Through a statement circulated on social media, they thanked them for their support, and noted that “there is no reason for concern.”

Delicate surgery for Paquita la del Barrio

In an interview with L “First Hand” program. With journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Paquita’s manager La del Barrio denied that the singer was hospitalized in Xalapa unconscious. He added that in addition to the surgery, a routine “medical examination” will be performed on him with the aim of monitoring his health condition.

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“It wasn’t a good procedure, they did it Corneal transplant Now they have to do something they call a “scrape,” which is a scratch on his eyes. It’s kind of annoying, the other time they did something similar and it didn’t stick, that time it produced a clot, this time it will be something more intrusive. “It’s not dangerous, but it’s a little uncomfortable,” Paco Torres explained.

He added that this date was chosen in advance because the translator “Cheated three times” He has a break of several weeks before his next show at the “Bésame Mucho” festival in Los Angeles, California, which will facilitate his recovery.