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“I hope there will be more female scientists in the future.”

“I hope there will be more female scientists in the future.”

In a new chapter of your new DNA, Andrea Obeid talks with Monica Rubio, the new winner of the National Prize for Exact Sciences. She is the third to receive this honor, which was rare in the history of these awards.

Actually, as for National Prize for Natural SciencesThree women have been identified: Maria Cecilia Hidalgo (2006), Marie Therese Callen (2010) and Lygia Gargalo (2014).

In addition to receiving the award, Rubio was featured as a member of International Astronomical Union (UAI), being the country’s premier representative. “I was very happy with this distinction. I have been chosen by more than 3,000 astronomers said the Chilean scientist.

The work you will do in this position will be Select all professional conferences Sponsored by the Union of Arab Investors over the next three years, “in addition to Organizing the complete structure of each department, with committees, working groups (…) and the support of the Executive Committee, “he explained.

Monica Rubio and the milestone she was awarded

In 2015, an astronomer identified the process of star formation in a dwarf galaxy, Using the ALMA radio telescope. The discovery was published in Nature Magazine. The current national award has highlighted the importance of the observatory, highlighting that “This is a powerful tool. It’s amazing“.

This internationally recognized scientific achievement is an important part of his career to be awarded this year. With this in mind, Monica Rubio confirmed that Chile “It has the best sky in the world in the north‘, emphasizing the amount of clear nights it offers.

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“It’s much better than all the other places, more than 300 nights out of 360 a year,” he commented. As alluded to suitable conditions Atmosphere It allows for good image quality.

“Women are few in knowledge”

The 2021 National Exact Sciences Prize also noted the gender gap that exists across disciplines, although it noted that this distance is narrowing. “We women are few in science. Fortunately, More and more girls and young women are becoming interested in pursuing scientific careers“, claimed.

Along the same lines, I remembered that the women’s race “must stop because Motherhood requires a window of timeBecause of this, he points out that “Results come latercompared to men. “I hope there will be more female scientists in the future‘, he adds.

Finally, Monica Rubio stated that the balance between men and women in the National Exact Science Award It must be equal.