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How to lose weight or gain muscle with a healthy diet

How to lose weight or gain muscle with a healthy diet

  • Five meals a day with all kinds of food, along with healthy lifestyle habits, allow you to lose weight or increase muscle mass depending on your daily calorie intake, explains Luisa Castillo, Welthy Dietitian.

As the New Year approaches, resolutions pile up on the agenda. Two of them, very typical, are Weight loss or one gain muscle mass. It can’t be done in any way, because it’s about getting it Healthy eating and healthy habits.

Two goals, specifically, that Welthe, a nutritional consulting firm that designs, cooks, and delivers its own “healthy” dishes, and has turned into two prepared menus of seasonal and local produce, many of which are organic, with no processed products, preservatives, additives, or refined flours. “The more natural what you eat, the better you will feel, both physically and mentally. In addition, the results are more permanent in the long run‘,” explains sports nutritionist and company nutrition coach, Luisa Castillo.

Either way, to be effective, Food should be accompanied by healthy habitsThe expert explains. His advice is Physical activityAnd hydrate frequently And spare no time for rest time. Also, don’t get upset, especially when you intend to lose weight, because stress activates hormones like cortisol, which is not a good ally for a good weight loss. Even better, have professional supervision so you can make adjustments if necessary.

To lose weight, Castillo warns against a common mistake that should not be made: severely restrict foods containing protein, fats or carbohydrates “because that Calorie restriction can damage macronutrients, so you’ll lose weight as well as muscle mass“.the path he suggests is slower, but safer because”If you lose weight very quickly, you will gain it back very quickly“.

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For women who want to lose weight and get less physical activity, a dietitian suggests a 1200 calories daily menu And for men with the same characteristics, 1.500. If they do physical activity, it will be 1500 for women and 1800-2000 for men.. forever, five sockets: breakfast, lunch, brunch, snacks, and dinner, although it may be categorized into three or four meals if one prefers. “In the same way, if you make lunch or dinner with pizza or a burger, you will have to reduce calories for the rest of the day,” Castillo warns.

Such a diet includes Fish and shellfish three to four times a weekAnd Turkey or chicken two or three times, s One or two veal. the rest Vegetarian meals.

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“It’s a myth that you can’t eat all foods, you have to learn it eat but less. in this way You educate the body to better absorb them and you will avoid rebound effectsTo do so, Castillo points out, this weight loss diet should continue It must last for at least 21 days, with Lose 1 to 3 kilos in a week Roughly, depending on a person’s metabolism.

And gain muscle mass? Well, same type of diet, i.e. same dishes, same thing Five intakes per day with more calories added at the end of the day and altering the distribution of macronutrients. 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men. According to Castillo, gaining pure muscle (not muscle and fat) takes longer, on average A kilo or two every two weeks.