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Science center becomes part of new coordination to advance research

Science center becomes part of new coordination to advance research

The Science Center will become part of the emerging public coordination to advance scientific research and innovation.

The creation of the new format disappears to the Institute for Research and Innovation Support (INAPI).

The Science Center joins the new coordination as a strategic tool to promote a culture of science, technology and innovation in society, and to promote the motivation of children and youth towards the study of science and technology, and the possibility of such creation is foreseen outside the state capital.

In the opinion unanimously approved by the deputies, in an ordinary session, a transitional article was included so that the budget of the new body would not be less than that specified in the Law on the Budget of Income and Expenditure for the immediately preceding year.

For the extinction of INAPI it was necessary to make reforms and additions to the Science, Technology and Innovation Act of the State of Sinaloa.

INAPI was created in 2012 when the Science and Technology Act, which was noted to be sectional to the Ministry of Economy, was passed in an effort to prioritize the link between knowledge generation and its practical application to problems.

In the previous legal framework, the link between the Science Center and the National Institute of Industrial Property was formally non-existent.

In the Explanatory Statement of the Approved Reforms, Governor Robin Rocha Moya noted in the Explanatory Statement that poor coordination between the Science Center and the INAPI Institute has not helped in the integration and promotion of the dissemination and education of scientific and technological knowledge.

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While the existence of INPI has faced great difficulties, especially the meager operating budgets which hardly cover the salaries of the required minimum staff.