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How Thalia was mocking Shakira for Monotonia |  Offers

How Thalia was mocking Shakira for Monotonia | Offers

the latest song from , continues to generate comments and news. The Colombian singer-songwriter debuted this song two weeks later in October and so far it has become one of the most requested songs on the streaming platforms; However, not only is it “wanted” there, as it would have triggered reactions in other celebrities, among them, .

The song, which has already exceeded 85 million views, is That is why it has gained the approval and support of millions of followers around the world.

However, his performance will generate not only praise, but also criticism and cunning. At least that’s what many netizens who noted that Thalia would have contemptuously referred to Shakira and her last song.

What did Thalia say to entertain Shakira and her song “Monotonous”?

According to some users, Thalia described Shakira as “ridiculous and dramatic” during a live broadcast. However, no evidence has been shown of the alleged moment the “Maria, La del Barrio” star spoke about the South American singer.

According to some users who were during Thalia’s broadcast, they noted that the Mexican singer said the following about Shakira:

“I find the song pathetic and Shakira is a sexy woman. I think if this guy left her it was because he no longer loved her. She should think of herself and not try to feel pity with those kinds of songs meant for a man who no longer loves her.”The supposed words were from Thalia.

Social networks were instantly filled with comments and split criticism.

The time Thalia spoke about Shakira in public

As a result, spectators and entertainment media began researching Aztec history talking about Shakira; So they realized that the last time Thalia talked about the former It was in 2005, on that year’s edition of Fashion Rocks.

“Very happy, we will see each other, she is a talented and beautiful woman”Thalia responded when asked how she felt at the same event with Shakira.

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