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Kono Influencer Despised by David Guetta.  He wanted to kiss him in the video

Kono Influencer Despised by David Guetta. He wanted to kiss him in the video

Madrid Spain /

Far away… so famous DJ David Guetta made an obvious rudeness to the Mexican influencer KonoWorld Health Organization wanted to kiss him When announcing his victory at the awards ceremonies Los 40 Music Awardsbut Stay away from the music to avoid contactwhich led to a whole discussion in social networks.

What happened to Kono and David Guetta?

The concert in Madrid, Spain rewarded the best folk music according to radio station Los40 and there was a synchronization between the two personalities involved.

Kono Came as a presenter and was responsible for advertising David Guetta as winner To “Best International Dance Artist”. The French artist took the stage and it was an embarrassing moment for both of them.

She wears a dress, heels, earrings, and make-up, Kono congratulated David Guetta and wanted to kiss his cheek, but the DJ turned away from the Mexican He simply exchanged a kind of hug, but kept his face at a great distance from the influencer. (See the next video).

Kono’s gesture of discomfort was obviousWhile Guetta gave his speech of thanks to the applause of those present, who did not notice this rejected kiss, not so on social networks, where there were conflicting situations.

Who is Kono?

Content Builder Kono is from Monterey.Nuevo Leon, and gained international fame in TikTok with over 27 million followers And nearly 6 million on Instagram.

Some netizens wanted to cancel it, well, as they point out, “his fame skyrocketed”, “he’s lazy when he makes videos with fans”, “he’s a misogynist” and now “he’s getting expensive to send a homage.” This is a result of him being famous for going viral on TikTok and that TV shows invited him to participate.

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