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How much does Travis Kelce earn for the Kansas City Chiefs?  This is the fortune of the friend of the famous artist Taylor Swift

How much does Travis Kelce earn for the Kansas City Chiefs? This is the fortune of the friend of the famous artist Taylor Swift


One of the most famous couples in the world currently is the duo of artist Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs player, who will play next Sunday in the final of Super Bowl LVIII against the San Francisco 49ers.

Their relationship has captivated the public so much that the singer's fans have been investigating absolutely everything about the Kansas City Chiefs player and that includes the NFL star's wealth.

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Getting to the NFL

Travis Kelce came to the NFL in 2013 with a 4-year, $3.12 million contract. He signed an even more impressive contract extension after the season worth $46.8 million, plus another $10 million signing bonus.

In 2020, he concluded a four-year contract worth $57.2 million, equivalent to $14.3 million annually.

Kelsey net worth

In total, according to the specialist website Spotrac, Kelce earned just over $77 million during his career with Kansas City, but this does not include everything he earned through investments, sponsorships and other off-field work.

“The tight end has several major endorsements from well-known brands, such as Nike, Papa John's, LG, McDonald's, and Old Spice, among others. Andrew Petkach of Profluence estimates that the player earns about $5 million annually for these endorsements.” .

“And as if that wasn't enough, Kelce has made various investments that have yielded financial gains, such as the hot sauce brand Cholula, which McCormick acquired for $800 million, and in which the player is rumored to have quadrupled his initial investment,” although it is not known. The amount of his contribution to the asset is known.” The method mentioned above continues.

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According to Business Insider, Travis Kelce's net worth in the fall of 2023 rose to more than $30 million, with a lot of money in his investments and earning nearly $15 million a year in football.

Likewise, the collective bargaining agreement stated that each player on the 2024 Super Bowl-winning team would receive a block bonus of $157,000 for winning the big game, on top of their salary income and other potential contractual bonuses.

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Taylor Swift Fortune

Taylor Swift is a global music star whose income exceeds $150 million annually, and her fortune is estimated at $600 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.