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How Melissa Kluge Warned Jefferson Farfan Webb Ugo Farandola |  eye width

How Melissa Kluge Warned Jefferson Farfan Webb Ugo Farandola | eye width

Mama is a lioness. Melissa Kluge She got into a major argument with the father of her last two children. Jefferson Farfan, After accusing him of not having fun with his kids, despite the fact that he is now retired from professional football and living in our country.

In this regard, Schalke confirmed that it will always show its claws to its five children and will do everything in its power to be happy. “I am a lioness mother. I hold my paws high and always fight to see my babies happy.”And manifested.

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Melissa Kluge explains to Farfán that she will defend herself after the attacks on the networks: ‘I pay with the same coin’

Likewise, the famous “Blanca de Choquito” noted that the most important thing for her was for the dreams of her five children to come true.

On the other hand, Melissa, before mother’s DayRemember also the phrases that children usually say to you: “Go to sleep because you have school tomorrow”, “Where are you at 9 at night? And it’s 7 in the evening” and “Baby, I love you… I always tell them I love them so let it be on every call”, express trum.

Farfán and the ultimatum to Melissa Klug

Jefferson Farfán once again exploded against his ex-partner Melissa Kluge on his Instagram, as he was going to issue a massive ultimatum to the mother of his two children: Adriano and Jeremy Farfán.

Although he didn’t address her directly, “10th Street” surprised everyone by sharing a powerful phrase about work and the easy life. “If you want something you didn’t have before, you have to do something you’ve never done before. Atte: work.” Jefferson Farfan was shot in his stories.

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