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How employee health affects business outcomes

How employee health affects business outcomes

The Importance of a Strong Wellness Strategy: How Employee Health Affects Business Results

The survey was published before Aoun Plc (NYSE: AON), in partnership with IPSOS, affirms the direct link between welfare and business outcomes. Aon Survey Global Wellness Report 2021 It concludes that improvements in employee wellness strategy have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and retention.

The survey reveals that:

  • Organizations that improve their employee wellness offerings by 3% see a 1% increase in customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Organizations that improve employee wellness performance by 3.5% experience a 1% increase in their employee satisfaction and customer acquisition.
  • Organizations working to improve employee well-being by 4% see a 1% increase in company net scores and a 1% decrease in volunteer employee turnover.

Although a high percentage of companies surveyed (1648 companies in 41 countries) confirm that employee well-being and resilience are important and have initiatives in place, few have strategies and fewer have fully integrated the strategy. Wellness is in your business strategy.

  • Globally, 82% of companies surveyed assert that employee well-being is important, 87% have at least one initiative in progress, but only 55% have a specific strategy and 24% fully integrate wellbeing into your company strategy.
  • In Spain, the main barriers to investing in luxury are: organizational leaders focus on other issues (58%), do not know how to include it in their strategy (48%), and third, they do not have the budget to invest in (28%).

The survey also shows that company culture is the number one driver for successfully developing a wellness strategy, but beyond financial resources and investment, commitment and employee interest are one of the biggest challenges in starting or expanding health initiatives (rated as challenging 42%) of survey respondents Worldwide).

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Leadership can set the course for culture and luxury; 89% of companies surveyed agreed that the Director of Human Resources (CHRO) is the largest supporter of leading health and wellness initiatives, followed by the CEO (78%).

Avnett Kaur, Director of Luxury Solutions in Europe, the Middle East and AfricaSays: “Wellness is much more than individual programs and initiatives; It is a long-term strategy for individuals that uses resources to achieve resilience goals over a sustainable period of time. Culture determines whether employee wellness programs succeed or fail, so companies should assess whether their organizational culture helps or hinders them in their efforts to improve wellness and resilience. Supporting enterprise leaders is a critical factor in creating a healthy culture and strategy that can have a positive impact on workforce resilience and company outcomes.“.

The last report from Aoun flexibility It also revealed that while health and wellness initiatives are well established within companies, with 80% agreeing that they are beneficial to their organizations, the programs do not create a resilient workforce. Research indicates that only 30% of employees surveyed are flexible.

Resilience in the work environment means that people are better able to adapt to adverse situations, manage stress and stay motivated, and enable organizations to better manage change. The impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic, a turbulent society and a changing economy has made the well-being of individuals, organizations and societies increasingly important in the world In the past, the survey shows that the main risks to well-being that affect the results of companies around the world are the emotional well-being problems that they cause. Stress (67%), exhaustion (46%) and anxiety (37%).

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Ignacio Salvatierra, Director General of Health in Aoun, Highlights: “The report stresses the need to address people’s health through a specific strategy that guarantees protection of our workforce. Health has regained a strategic level within organizations and we must continue to emphasize the resilience of the workforce that promotes healthy employees. ”

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