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How does regenerative medicine improve the quality of life of patients with osteoporosis?

How does regenerative medicine improve the quality of life of patients with osteoporosis?

Someone gets up from the chair and starts walking. He does it with difficulty because his knee hurts. It’s a common story in counseling Chris ClinicsBecause he The most common symptoms that indicate the progression of osteoarthritis in this joint. Although it is the number one cause of inability to walk in people over the age of 70, joint pain is not the only symptom of osteoarthritis experienced by the elderly due to wear and tear. It also occurs in young people who play sports in which this area suffers from wear or sudden movements, such as running, football, tennis, or tennis.

The onset of osteoporosis is influenced by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.. “During the initial stages of the disease, it is enough for the patient to take painkillers to calm down Pain And it goes down, but the progression of this can make it hamper his movement,” says the doctor Carlos Garabo, Medical Director of Clínicas Cres.

Before diagnosing knee osteoarthritis, The patient is faced with a dilemma: to choose a surgical intervention, such as reparative surgery, or to choose Regenerative medicineThis is to improve joint functions and treat symptoms of the disease.

No surgery or hospitalization

Regenerative medicine treatments are minimally invasiveIt is performed on an outpatient basis without the need for surgery or hospitalization. also, By using biological material from the patient himself, any kind of rejection and harmful side effects are avoided They tend to reappear in many cases with conventional treatments. Healing after treatment is also faster.

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Zaragoza is one of the cities where Clínicas Cres was founded. In its midst on Calle de María Lostal, consult Dr. Elena Gullar. This expert in regenerative medicine says that very good results are achieved in many injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Guallar also highlights that it is essential to establish an early diagnosis, in order to start treatment in the early stages of the disease. So that the Sargozans who want to get a diagnostic medical consultation opinion can make an appointment at Chris Clinics website or in Phone number 976483553.