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Awarded Markus Moczynski Chairs and Medals

Awarded Markus Moczynski Chairs and Medals

• Leonardo Lomeli Vanegas, William Lee Allarden, Cecilia Noguez Garrido and Peter Otto Hess handed out the awards, in recognition of their paths and contributions in various disciplines

• University students Omaira González Martín and Eduardo Peinado Rodríguez took the chair. And the medal is Danny Page

While handing over Marcos Mochinsky’s chairs and medals, the economist said: Mexico has gone through more than six years in which public spending on science and technology has decreased significantly, and this forces universities and science-related institutions to review what needs to be done to stimulate the development of research in our country.

Delivering the floor, UNAM’s Scientific Research Coordinator, William Lee Allarden, stated that it is important to promote diversity in all its meanings, particularly gender equality for the benefit of society.

“There is nothing more important than creating opportunities for the education of women and girls and the well-being of society. In this sense, we must set an example, because what we do is a reflection of what we seek to attract to the university, in physics, chemistry and biology, ”he emphasized during the ceremony held in the Alejandra Gaidar Hall in Institute. in Physics (IF) from the National University.

In her message, IF Director Cecilia Noguez Garrido stressed that the delivery of Marcos Moshinsky chairs – this time number 11 – represents an opportunity to integrate young people who end up promoting science in our country.

Since its inception, 66 experts have been supported; In addition, 30 medals for work in theoretical physics were awarded to those who achieved significant results in their work.

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It is worth noting that the chair is funded by the National University, through IF, and the Marcos Moshinsky Foundation.

For the head of the aforementioned institution, Peter Otto Hess, it is imperative that, as a society, girls be interested in science, that boys and girls be taught to think critically so that they decide what to study and, hopefully, in the end, have more physicists.

Science for everyone

For their strong tracks and contributions to mathematics, physics, and biochemical sciences, four young researchers—two from UNAM—have been awarded the 2022 Marcos Moshinsky Chair. Meanwhile, three researchers have been awarded the 2020 Marcos Moshinsky Medal for their work in theoretical physics. And 2021 and 2022.

The recipients are: Omaira González Martín, from the Institute of Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics, and Eduardo Peñado Rodríguez, from IF, both academic entities of UNAM; Similarly, Sergio Obregón Alfaro, from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León; and Jorge Oliva UC, of ​​the AC San Luis Potosi Institute of Scientific Research and Technology

The Markus Moczynski Medal went to: Danny Page of the Astronomy Institute of the National University. Hector Manuel Moya of the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE); So is Tonatiuh Matos Chassin, from the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav), from IPN.

Omaira González Martín, on behalf of the President’s Laureates, emphasized that the most important thing that researchers do for the community is to help it be critical and reflective, because in this way we will know how to choose without being fooled.

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“I would like us to remain attentive to the evidence and receptive to change to build a more equal society. Receiving this chair allows me to be here, making visible the role of women in science, so I thank the Markus Moczynski Foundation and the Institute of Physics, and the large number of women who have already contributed to showing that science belongs to everyone said the researcher.

On behalf of those who have received the medal, Tonatiu Matos Chasin, of Synfistaff, expressed that physics is the specialty we have in science to understand the dynamics of the universe. In recent years, he has had great successes: quantum computing, the detection of gravitational waves, and black hole photography.

“These achievements represent a quantum change in how humans view the universe, and our understanding of nature. However, much remains to be done. We have a theory of the microscopic world full of paradoxes, quantum mechanics, which is also incompatible with our theory of the macrocosm, general relativity , we do not understand why the universe is expanding so quickly, while gravity is attractive and should slow down its expansion.”

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