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Great luxury and pleasure

Great luxury and pleasure

After several years of absence from us, the fine trumpet player from Syracuse, Joe Magnarelli, has returned to visit us, thin as a paintbrush and copious gray hair, but with such a wonderful voice that it reminded us of days gone by. On this occasion, a quintet of great interpretive solvency formed, accompanied by Kentucky saxophonist and flutist Vincent Herring, Swedish drummer Joris Dudley, Californian pianist Peter Zak and our beloved and admired double guitarist Ignasi Gonzalez. The session was planned, and it all went just like that, in tribute to the great trumpeter Lee Morgan, an ill-fated musician who vanished prematurely but nonetheless left behind work and vocal recordings of high quality and undeniable influence. to many colleagues. of his generation and in many other fellows.

With the Enric Granados Auditorium’s B-room almost full, great acoustics and an audience eager to enjoy some high school jazz, the show met, no doubt, all the previously created expectations, for it was noteworthy – so high – the lyricism and warmth it displayed. It has both the principal performers themselves in the solo parts, or forming a duet, together with the exquisite phrasing of the pianist, and the percussive backing parts composed of double bass and drums. With regard to Herring, whom we have not yet had the opportunity to see live, the reputation that precedes him and his approaches, recordings and collaborations that take your breath away, this first meeting to listen to him was the most comfortable, which made everything well the expectations we raised about his personality and artistic qualities Brilliant. An authentic marvel, added to the fine state of Magnarelli’s form and company, has left us with sensations of pleasant luxury as well as a desire to hear it all again, together or separately, as soon as possible.

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