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How do you keep year-end resolutions?

Recent studies have shown that about 40 percent of the general population take the time to write down their year-end resolutions. However, only 8 percent of those who set goals for the new year actually stick to them.

What is the reason for this and how can we set and maintain our goals for 2023?

Today, holistic nutrition consultant Charro Ortiz gives us some recommendations for achieving our goals for the coming year.

Surely you have noticed that as soon as the year begins, there are a large number of people eager to achieve new goals and challenges. On average, just over 70 percent of people who start the year with a list of goals to achieve stick to them for just one week, and after six months, just over 40 percent on average. Per cent, you keep working toward your goals.

But what is the difference between people who achieve their goals every year and those who start with a list of resolutions and end up recycling it year after year?

Well, for starters, the main key to increasing your chances of achieving a goal year after year, is to be clear about what you want to achieve and write it down, draw it, or send it to print. Having your goals visually is key to being able to achieve them.

And what happens when you write down your goals, print them out, or put them on the board but still have a lot of success in being consistent in your performance towards achieving your dreams? Well, it just so happens that part of being clear about your goals includes being clear about your boundaries, the obstacles you’re facing at the moment, whether it’s the environment you find yourself in, your state of health, your physiological needs in the moment and even his mental health. There is no point in writing big goals if we don’t have the tools or resources to achieve them. We must not only be clear about what we want, but we must also have the resources we need to achieve it and also be clear about our capabilities. The fact that we set personal goals does not mean that it is not worth asking for help when needed. The fact that we receive support on the way to our goals does not detract from us, on the contrary, the process of receiving help can greatly enrich us.

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Achieving goals, and I don’t mean just losing weight, changing your diet, or incorporating an exercise routine, is important for promoting happiness in our lives. When we spend our time passionately working toward a goal, we promote physical and mental health for the sake of our body. Having goals helps us avoid falling into depression, sadness, anxiety and negative feelings I know It can make it permanent thus effect for us the health. Achieving goals invites us to celebrate, live fulfillingly, and increase self-confidence.

If you’d like to learn more about how to set and keep your goals for 2023, I invite you to join my 5 Steps to Setting and Keeping Your Goals class that I’ll be doing on Wednesday, December 21st by Zoom, line.

Type 661.320.0011 and request the registration link, the class is free.

Sharon Ortiz

Health coach and trainer of trainers

Health consultant and trainer for trainers

[email protected]